What can you do?

Eliminating “hate” is a difficult task. However, each one of us can make a difference by taken positive action everyday. For example, when we see these items on display, we can voice our concerns to the store owners.  

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThese items are still sold in some stores in the United States.  They are not antiques. They are massed produced in China.  These types of items serve only to perpetuate stereotypes.  Learn more about hateful symbols by visiting   http://www.tolerance.org

The following are suggested activities you can engage in to foster tolerance, dispel myths and improve your own community.

For an example read the research On Black Males – What the Research Says about Black Males in Education

Positioning Young Black Boys for Educational Success


Stranger Fruit: The Cultural Coding of Black Males in America


Black Male Success in Higher Education


Race Against Time: Educating Black Boys


How to Improve Academic Achievement in African American Males


Educating Black Males


Black Male Graduation vs Dropout Rate


Reaching Black Men


Young Black Men Succeeeding in Higher Education: What


Read & Share books from the Partner for Pride Reading at                                                         http://www.scribd.com/doc/273622148/2015-Partner-for-Pride-Reading-List


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