We can’t erase a legacy of Racism

Race baiting(ers)! Haters!Birthers! And then those who say, “get over it” racism does not exist today.  Well, others say, “racism” is now directed at “white    people!”  It is rather difficult for many whose ancestors were slaves, were lynched, denied the basic right to go to school, and called “boy”‘ to “get over it!”  Like it or not racism does exist. It may be disguised under a different name, but it is present. It may be more covert, but it is present.

I fear that “racism” is not limited only to white on black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Catholic, Protestants. We have learned well how to hate each other, lessons that different groups in this country  learned from was done to them.  I just hope, that we don’t allow “racism against whites” to floursih  to the levels that White America  allowed racism against some many other groups  to reach.

In the meantime let’s consider the following examples, of what White America, let happen.

1. Indians killed and/or removed from their lands

2. Slaves bought and sold at willlynchings

3. Mexicans (legally living on Mexican land) treated like dogs, some killed as well

4.  Over 100,000 Japanese, (some Italians/Germans) put into concentration camps during WWII

5.  Asians/Blacks forbidden to marry in some states

6.  Housing, employment, health, education, transportation discrimination and even segregated cementaries

7.  Segregated fighting units

Yep, it is not easy to break the “chains of racism, discrimination, slavery!” But, what do you think? Do you have positive examples of how whole communities stood up against the above forms of oppresion?  Please share, if you have them.

In the meantime, see how these  companies, or their predecesors profited from Slavery and amassed great fortunes that continue to this day.


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