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KKK wants to see corpses on the Border! Shameful…

Anyone know why this terrorist group continues into the 21st Century?

Are these the People We want to Follow?

Found on Facebook.  Please do not like this page. Simply report it to Facebook. Get garbage of the internet. 

Tea Party Group shows Racism!

Morally I can not have respect for a group of people, or should I say, Fellow Americans, who so blatantly display so much hate and racism. You are only demonstrating that facts mean nothing to you. Therefore, you demonstrate your totally stupidity and lack of moral character. 1000865_228817383933708_1555384563_n

Stop the Hate against President Obama and His family now on Facebook

There is a Facebook group titled Stop the Hate against President Obama and his family that I think merits a read. It publishes what the site perceives to be acts of hate toward the Obama’s and his presidency. You will be shocked at so much “racism” directed toward the President.