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Racism Must not Make you Helpless!

The killing of nine individuals at the Charleston AME Church must not make communities/individuals feel helpless. Yes, this was an act of racism, a hate crime, an evil act of terrorism, but it can not be allowed to make us helpless. Perhaps our Helplessness has been our failure to get involved, to speak out against racism, to participate in our communities, perhaps even to vote. 

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So, what can we do to be “community activitist?” Or should I say to be involved in civic matters.  Here are some ideas.

1. be a registered voter who votes at every election.

2. Join Community committees, boards, groups.

3. Attend meetings.

4. Get on Facebook groups pertaining to your own communities.

5. Attend school board meetings.

6. Join efforts to revitalize your community.

7. Stand up against acts of racism.

8. Join groups such as Rotary, Zonta, and so on.

9. Run for political office.

10. Write letters to the editor as needed.

11. Donate to groups working to end racism in the community.

12. Support minority owned businesses.

13. Read American History.

Please feel free to add to this list!

Heirs of Privilege – How Does Racism Work in America?

America was never founded for anyone who was other than White Anglo Saxon, that’s the reality. Or is it? What do you think? Show us the evidence for or against the opening sentence!  Read the article for which a link has been provided below.

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