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Black kids see cops/White Kids see doctors

Good read!

White and Black “rioting” and how it is covered by the Media

Does the media hurt or help race issues in America?

Toys with Disabilities! Finally!

this is fantastic!

Toys with Disabilities 

Idali’s List of Movies that Deal with “isms”

Consider viewing at least 10 of these recommended movies! Who knows, you may learn something new!

Idali’s List of Movies

50 Books Donated to Lenawee County Schools

These books can be found in Lenawee Schools and public libraries.

50 Multicultural Childrens Books

Ideas for positive change

These are suggested ideas for making positive change. Consider implementing one of these ideas in your own community, whether it be a school, your home, your community. Come up with your ideas for making positive changes.  Please feel free to make copies, add your own ideas!  Click the link. Send in your suggestions for inclusion on this list.

Ideas for experiencing diversity

Nation built on back of Black Slavery and Racism

A must read!

Nation built on back of black slavery and racism