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What is Reverse Racism?

This is a great explanation about the meaning of “reverse racism.” Take a few minutes to watch and contemplate.

Slavery requires serious teaching

Teaching Tolerance has prepared this document on changing how slavery is taught in public schools.

The Racist History of Soap in USA

Emmitt Till Killed in 1955

Please listen and read.

Not talking about Racism doesn’t make it go away

This article is a bit long, but it is worth the read.

73 Years of Lynchings in America!

Michelle Obama Speaks out!

The treatment President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have received from some Americans, some media and some public officials will be forever recorded for future generations.  The stupidity, actually racism, has been so obvious to us all. We can reasonably expect that the first Latino/Latina President will receive similar treatment because it seems that “stupid” in America is a common and cultural attribute. I am sure that the first Latina First Lady will be asked if Taco Tuesdays will be the normal in the White House.  She will be asked where she learned such good English and problably when she first came to America.

Nation built on back of Black Slavery and Racism

A must read!

Nation built on back of black slavery and racism

So much for a thoughtful and compassionate Christian! Hall and Liberty Bell 07Freedom of speech!

Does the KKK have rights under the Constitution?

In no way do I support/believe what the KKK stands for. In fact I detest the Klan. However, if other groups are allowed to pass out literature about their beiefs, then under the Constitution the KKK should also be allowed to do so.  Individuals have the right to refuse to take the literature. photo

KKK is still KKK

Really, a new and improved KKK?  Then change the name and change the attitude! See this article.