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Diversity is our Strength

Look who is Changing Our Lives

Amazing look at who is working on changing American and lives throughout the world.

How Religion spread around the World

A must see to understand how religion spread throughout the world.

2016 Best Multicultural Books

Best children’s multicultural books for 2016! Excellent literature for a changing world.

Click here2016-best-multicultural-books

2016 Best Multicultural Children’s Books

Excellent book list to teach children about multicultural them                                               2016-best-multicultural-books.

Hate in America: Back to the Future

2016 reminds me of back to the future America in the 1600, 1700,1800,1900 20th Century. Passing laws to keep the Chinese out, making Blacks less than humans in the constitution, not recognizing women or Native Americans as people, and on and on. And just when we thought we were becoming our better selves, in comes Trump and we are back to the future…What do you think?

White Privilege: Does it exist?

Please take time to be open-minded.