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Slavery Vote???

stupid is not knowing who you hate?

So, hate and discrimination are a thing of the past, I hear.  False! It is alive and well especially among the ignorant.  See link below for more information.

Wonder if God is listening?

Wonder if God is listening?

So, this is Christianity?

Racist actions or not? Why the KKK attire?

They have a right to protest. Why not show their faces? If you have deep beliefs, why hide who you are? Why use racist attire? What do you think?

It’s getting ugly out there…

Anyone else besides me see how ugly it is getting out there?  It seems that once again the State of the Union is such that it has emboldened groups like the KKK to wear their attire and protest publicly.  Some Klan members are not only wearing their garb in front of the White House, but also near a school in Florida.  As much as some individuals would like to have us believe that “racism” is dead in America, recent Klan public appearances and hate speeches refute this. It isn’t just these individuals wearing the “attire” however, it is many others who display the Confederate flag in front of the White House, signs that are held up with images of POTUS wearing a Hitler like mustache, and a sign recently posted at a business in Arkansas that stated: “Obamacare is a punishment for slavery.”

More recently, Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch said this at a rally:  “I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up.” This in a country that believes in religious freedom cannot be tolerated.

What do you think? Can we continue to be the silent majority? Can we agree to disagree in a civil and respectful manner? Can we debate without bringing the ugly out?


Obamacare sign


Not all Latinos Grew up on Tacos

Fox host assumed that all Latinos grew up on tacos, an erroneous assumption. There are 20 Spanish speaking countries, with different histories, with their own unique cuisines. Tacos are not a Puerto Rican cuisine, no Chilean, Colombian or Argentine.  Because Latinos/Hispanics are all lumped into one category, and because of the lack of knowledge about our neighbors to the South and Latinos in US, assumptions are made.  What do you think?

Private Felx Longoria, refused burial in local Cemetery

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, I offer this photo of the grave marker of Private Felix Longoria, a Mexican American, who fought in World War II.Image

I first learned about him from The Shadows of Hate, a documentary produced by Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center).

This simple man, did his duty, went to war and died for his country.  But, when his wife tried to bury him in the local cemetery in Three Rivers, Texas, she was basically told that “the whites might not like it.” The news reached Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson, (our 36th President)who arranged for Longoria to be interned at Arlington National Cemetery.

I visited D.C. (in 2004) and set out to find Mr. Longoria’s grave site.  All I had was a name, no date of death or birth.  With the help of the employees, we managed to find the site.  That day, I must have walked about 3 miles to the site, and it must have been the hottest day of the summer, almost 95. When I finally found the grave marker, I shed tears, and apologized to Mr. Longoria for the hatred that had existed in his home town.

I wanted a photo of the marker, to show that I had paid my respect, but no one was around to take my photo.  That day, I became creative, and took a  pic of my passport next to the grave marker.