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Hero St. U.S.A.

Latinos have fought in every war ever fought by the United States. This is one of those stories most do not know about.

News Documentary from Charlottesville August 2017

History of American Slavery

If you are serious about learning the history of slavery from Africa to the US and the Americas, then watch this!

Go Black to Africa if you don’t Like it Here.

Seems that everything can be taken care by telling African Americans/Blacks to go back to Africa. White candidate tells Blacks in Florida…

Twelve Presidents Owned Slaves!

How many U.S. Presidents owned slaves? 12 and 8 during their stay in the White House.

KKK Members Outnumbered by Anti KKK protestors!

KKK Members didn’t get their say at Rally!

Native Americans could not do this

Multicultural Best books of 2016

The Best Multicultural books of 2016

Hate Groups in USA increasing

Please take time to read this and you decide.

Miranda Rights, what are they?

Teaching what is important in life

This is an excellent way to teach children and youth about what is important in life.

2017 Summer Reading List

Social Justice books for children! This is a fantastic reading list for both children and adults to engage in discussions.

Not All White People Were Created Equal: White Privilege in America

A must see video!