Education Leader not a role model

People are entitled to their own opinions and freedom of speech. Yet I worry when public officials, be it a Congresswoman, Senator, Governor, Police Chief or State Superintendent of Education, etc. make statements that “sound racists.”  This is my opinion of Dr. Huppenthal, Superintendent of Education, for the state of Arizona, he is a public official, charged with the education of all children K-12, and he is not a role model! His anonymous blogs, are deplorable. He has referred to those on public assistance as “lazy pigs,” and he has called for the elimination of all Spanish language media in Arizona. He refuses to resign, which may be his freedom of Choice. He is however, up for election in August, and my hope is that he is not reelected as the state’s educational leader.  Someone, please tell me where have all these haters been hiding for so long? 

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