The eyes of hate were upon us or were they really?

“If looks could kill”, as the expression goes, seven adults and a child would have been dead at a local restaurant over the weekend.  A colleague of mine and I had brunch at a local restaurant with two young man who had given a presentation to some students earlier in the morning.  One of the young men had invited his wife and baby girl to join us, and the other young man had come with his fiancée.  As people were being seated I noticed that they couldn’t keep their eyes off our table. I looked at the people seated at the table behind me to see what they were doing, and an older woman was also staring at our table.  I whispered in the young man’s ear…”have you noticed how people keep staring at our table?” He nodded yes. 

At first I just thought that it must have been interesting to see an older woman sitting next to a handsome young man, who could have been his grandmother.  Then I realized why and a few tears tricked down my cheek.  The young men at our table were black.  And while they were wearing suits, they were after all, black.  Wonder if people even cared that one of the young man owned his own insurance company and was a model father, while the other one made a six figure salary.  In retrospect, I wonder if it would have mattered to the gawkers that sitting at the table they were staring at were three master’s degrees, a Juris doctorate, and two BAs.  Nope, don’t think knowing those realities would have stopped the gawkers…sad, but true.

Oops, never mind.  They were probably just in awed at the beautiful, diverse, and well dressed group enjoying each other’s company.

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