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Racist actions or not? Why the KKK attire?

They have a right to protest. Why not show their faces? If you have deep beliefs, why hide who you are? Why use racist attire? What do you think?

It’s getting ugly out there…

Anyone else besides me see how ugly it is getting out there?  It seems that once again the State of the Union is such that it has emboldened groups like the KKK to wear their attire and protest publicly.  Some Klan members are not only wearing their garb in front of the White House, but also near a school in Florida.  As much as some individuals would like to have us believe that “racism” is dead in America, recent Klan public appearances and hate speeches refute this. It isn’t just these individuals wearing the “attire” however, it is many others who display the Confederate flag in front of the White House, signs that are held up with images of POTUS wearing a Hitler like mustache, and a sign recently posted at a business in Arkansas that stated: “Obamacare is a punishment for slavery.”

More recently, Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch said this at a rally:  “I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up.” This in a country that believes in religious freedom cannot be tolerated.

What do you think? Can we continue to be the silent majority? Can we agree to disagree in a civil and respectful manner? Can we debate without bringing the ugly out?


Obamacare sign


We can’t erase a legacy of Racism

Race baiting(ers)! Haters!Birthers! And then those who say, “get over it” racism does not exist today.  Well, others say, “racism” is now directed at “white    people!”  It is rather difficult for many whose ancestors were slaves, were lynched, denied the basic right to go to school, and called “boy”‘ to “get over it!”  Like it or not racism does exist. It may be disguised under a different name, but it is present. It may be more covert, but it is present.

I fear that “racism” is not limited only to white on black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Catholic, Protestants. We have learned well how to hate each other, lessons that different groups in this country  learned from was done to them.  I just hope, that we don’t allow “racism against whites” to floursih  to the levels that White America  allowed racism against some many other groups  to reach.

In the meantime let’s consider the following examples, of what White America, let happen.

1. Indians killed and/or removed from their lands

2. Slaves bought and sold at willlynchings

3. Mexicans (legally living on Mexican land) treated like dogs, some killed as well

4.  Over 100,000 Japanese, (some Italians/Germans) put into concentration camps during WWII

5.  Asians/Blacks forbidden to marry in some states

6.  Housing, employment, health, education, transportation discrimination and even segregated cementaries

7.  Segregated fighting units

Yep, it is not easy to break the “chains of racism, discrimination, slavery!” But, what do you think? Do you have positive examples of how whole communities stood up against the above forms of oppresion?  Please share, if you have them.

In the meantime, see how these  companies, or their predecesors profited from Slavery and amassed great fortunes that continue to this day.

Stop Racism!

Learning Hate

Should we tolerate racist websites that promote the killing of other human beings? That denigrate people because of their skin color? Religion? Gender? Political opinions? Economic class? National origin?  We can urge individuals not to go to these sites! We can make arguments against looking at these sites. What else can we do?

Promotes war on white people:

Promotes the white race as the right race…

500 Multicultural books

Cheryl Hudson compiled this list of over 500 children’s multicultural books.  Fantastic for teachers!

The Diversity Within A Firm Foundation of Children’s and Adolescent Literature

Children’s Multicultural Books

Check out the bibliographies of children’s books! More will be forth coming in the near future! 

Max seeks knowledge

Max seeks knowledge